ABOUT my music

Someone told me a few weeks ago, that my music sounds very peaceful and raises good emotions.

I think that’s what I ever wanted to achieve. To transport positive emotions with it. I’m not only writing about good things and sunshine but I try to see the good side of it. My songs are my stories, summer, how I miss it when it’s gone and loving life.

My music wouldn’t be possible without my supporting family, especially my wife. Johannes who I produce the songs with. Robert, who mixes them and gives them the final touch as well as my band, Paul, Alex and Stefan. I can’t thank you enough.

My latest single Love.Life.Today. was written for Johannes and his wife. It tells the story of our shared memories and what we have been through but also switches back to the moment of the wedding, their happy faces and this wonderful day where it was all about love and celebrating life.

The song was recorded in Vienna by Johannes Wunsch and mixed in Los Angeles by Robert Carranza. Additional instruments by Johannes Wunsch, Backing Vocals by Clara Wunsch and Johannes Wunsch.

I also just released a travel blog about California. Would be great if you’d check it out.